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Lens Review – Canon 24mm f2.8 ef-s STM Pancake
This 24mm f2.8 pancake lens by Canon is both versatile and effective. Offering a range of aperture from f2.8-f22. It has a STM (Stepping motor) focus that can sometimes has a slight delay when focusing manually making it a tad tedious to catch perfect focus on a subject. This is a ef-s lens and it’s built for aps-c cropped frame Canon dslrs.
In combination with my Canon 550d. The sharpness in image quality is good and on average better than a typical kit lens with a wider focal range. The a sweet spot for aperture I would say is around f8-f11 when used for landscape photography.
Having a wide angle of 24mm makes this lens ideal for landscapes and I think that having a fixed focal length is a good exercise in finding a perfect composition from a limited view finder.
When using filter holders I found it was very handy using multiple ND filters and fitting a polarizing filter as you don’t have the additional weight of a heavy lens when setting up a shot on a tripod.
In summary this lens is a nifty little addition to any kit bag and is ideal for when you need your dslr to be light and handy. The manual focus is slightly fiddly, but you do get better than average results when it comes to image sharpness.

Key details

Lens fitting EF-S
Weight 125g
Filter diameter 52mm
Focus motor type  STM

Overall lens rating

Pros Cons
Lightweight Delay in focus
Good depth of field Thin focus ring
Good for multiple filters  

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